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The magic disillusion of

a Nationalist Intellectual

Alexander Dugin answers questions from his readers

After "Knizhnoe Obozrenie" (Book Review) published an interview with Alexander Dugin, a famous philosopher, politolog, and publicist, in their issue No. 41 (10 Oct 1995), the editorial staff as well as Dugin's ARCTOGAIA publishing house received a great number of letters with encouragements, fuck-yous, and simply questions about some questions touched in the interview. Today we are glad to represent Alexander Dugin's answers to some of the readers' questions, hoping that the publication of these questions and answers will start an intellectual dialogue between famous writers, philosophers, publicists, and the reading public.

1. Why don't you love the West?

"Alexander Gelievich, I hane understood that you have a negative approach towards the West, especially America. But their culture is more advanced than ours. Not just food and industrial products, but service and way of life. Aren't you calling back the days of isolation?"
(Anna Vasilievna Varennikova, Moscow)

2. Eurasianism and Zionism

"Alexander Dugin, with your ideas about Eurasia and the union of Orthodox Christianity with Islam you merely mess up the Russian Nationalist movement and turn us away from our struggle with our main enemy - the peoples of the Caucasus, Fundamentalists and Zionists. Russiand do have allies in the West, in the very America you are against - the Aryan nation. But you want us to make war with the West and peace with the blacks. How dare you call yourself a Nationalist?"
unsigned (St. Petersburg)

3. My works

"Thank You for Your books, articles, performances and radio shows. It is a shame that You didn't pass the elections, although we were with you in spirit. We know very little of You, although, I must confess, Your texts have given new life to our belief in Russia, in our future. If people like You had the power in this country, we might have it better. Me and my husband read everything we can find of Your works. However, I'm afraid we are missing a great deal. How many books have You written all in all, what newspapers do You work with, who publishes Your texts? Why did they close up Your TV show 'The Cycle of History'? Why did they cancel the promised programme 'I am the Leader', where You were supposed to appear with Igor Shafarevich? We heard that You are now dealing with Limonov and that you have left the newspaper 'Zavtra' (Tomorrow)?"
(Lidia Zabrodina, 24 yrs, aspirant at the University of Arts, Tver)

(Translator's note: Since time has passed and wheels have turned after year 1995, when this was written, some of this information is already out of date. Please see Arctogaia main page for updated information.)

4. "The highest Masonic throne"

"Dugin - you're a fucking mason, maybe even worse. Nobody understands a shit of what you are writing, and the fucking democrats love you and print you shit - it seems that the feeling is mutual, huh? Himmler was a mason of the 33rd level, how's that with you? You say you have 'a manyfold attitude towards Masonism". Yeah, right, we gotcha. 'Manyfold.' So you come out of the closet as a mason, and that's why you don't 'place masonism under heavy criticism'. Yeah, right, 'place it', we'll see it for you... The West pays you for that shit. You just wait, we'll get your ass as well. That's why you're dealing with bastards like Limonov and Kuriokhin. They're clearly masons."
("National-Patriotic front", Moscow)

5. So, Fascist or non-Fascist?

"...Dugin, in the 'Knizhnoe Obozrenie' interview you managed to get away without answering the question, whether you are a Fascist or not. I have read you articles in 'Den'' and watched your TV programme 'The Mysteries of Our Age', where you have talked about Nazi mysticism. Now, would you please answer YES or NO? And stop confusing us..."
(E. Podpol'tseva, Apreleka, 44 yrs.)

6. The Cardinal in Red and Brown

"Dear Alexander Gelievich! I am infinitely happy that I read Your interview in Knizhnoe Obozrenie. I have followed Your publications for quite a while, and I seriously think that Your ideas can truly save our nation from a nightmare - the Great State falling apart, the feast of criminal activities, cynic destruction of our National value. Many most important ideas have been considered within Your works - the great National and State ideology (albeit without chauvinism), spirituality (albeit without fanaticism and proselyticism), the cold Geopolitic solution (but also connected with the factors of Culture), great knowledge of the West and its culture (with faithfulness for Russia and its culture). I am proud that we have someone like You. The fact that the leadres of this state don't ask You for help and intellectual advise is a crime from their side. I have carefully followed Your taking part in the activities of the opposition, and I have taken part in the meetings You've organized. I was happy to notice that Prokhanov, Zyuganov, Baburin, Alksnis and other listened to Your advise, but now something seems to have changed. The intellectual opposition seems to be crumbling, and I see this as a result from the fact that You have moved away from them. This worries me quite a bit. Reply, if you may, am I right?
I wish you all the best, lots of new books and new victories, but not to the 'grey', but to our Cardinal in Red and Brown."
(Valentin Provotorov, Moscow, 52 yrs.)


Translated by Henry Zalkin



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