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Updated 20 September 1998

"Elements", #7

Alexander Dugin


The Hand is Stretching for the Holster...

Heraclitus called "hostility" the "father of things." Everywhere in the world there are opposing poles: executioners and victims, men and women, coercive authority and rebelious subject. War of the elements. War of classes, nations, races, economic formations, material interests, ambitions, ideas. Ever since a certain time, ordinary conscience got used to making a demagogic move: a contradiction in instance does not preclude general harmony; in the end, the opposites concur. The fairy-tale of a good ending, a painless and unproblematic synthesis. Naive belief in the "third" of beings, completely absorbed in a hurricane of fatal struggle of the two.

That is why aggression - is the founding law of existence.

Whatever the type of aggression we would examine, from the very beginning we encounter definitions of two positions, two poles, two borders, between which ripens and bursts a lightning of violence, scorching fire of war. (By the way, the same Heraclitus believed exactly the fire to be the mystical foundation of cosmos).

A new map of conflicts and battles, terrorist acts and polemics, attacks and strategic maneuvers is being drawn out. We are entering into a completely unique time of New Aggression, where all former opposites, feuding sides, opponents and enemies are sharply restructuring their ranks. Communists of yesterday are fraternizing with capitalists under the slogans of mondialism, fascists of yesterday are shaking hands with anarchists in diversionary headquarters of the struggle against mondialism.

Eurasian Empire, "enemies of the open society" (look carefully at who is included in this category by Karl Popper in "Open Society and Its Enemies" - thats us), freedom of nations and peoples to maintain their originality, autonomy, spiritual hierarchy, national differentiation, superhuman values, for East and against West, exceptional right to be called human, alloted only to the hero, wiseman, devotee, soldier. These are "ours'."

Between them is only enmity, hatred, brutal struggle according to rules and without rules, for extermination, to the last drop of blood. Between them are heaps of corpses, millions of lives, endless centuries of suffering and heroic deeds.

This will be decided by war. The "father of things."

Translated by Victor Olevich

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