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Updated 20 December1998

"Elements", #2

Alexander Dugin


Ideology of the World Government

After the Gulf War, almost all mass media outlets in Russia, as well as in the West, injected into the common speak the formula "New World Order," coined by George Bush, and then used by other politicians including Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The New World Order, based on the establishment of a One World Government, as has been candidly admitted by odeologists of the Trilateral Commission and Bildenburg, is not simply a question of politico-economic domination of a certain "occult" ruling clique of international bankers. This "Order" bases itself on the victory on a global scale of a certain special ideology, and so the concept concerns not only instruments of power, but also "ideological revolution," a "coup d'etat" consciousness, "new thinking." Vagueness of formulations, constant secretiveness and cautiousness, deliberate mysteriousness of the mondialists do not allow, until the last moment, to clearly discern the contour of this new ideology, which they decided to impose on the peoples of the world. And only after Iraq, as if following somebody's orders, certain bans were take off and multiple publications appeared, which began to call things by their own names. So, let us try, on the basis of analysis conducted by a group of employees of the editorial board of "Elements," to, in the most general terms, define the basics of the ideology of the New World Order.

The New World Order represents in itself an eschatological, messianic project, much exceeding in scope other historical forms of planetary utopias - such as the early protestant movement in Europe, the Arab Khalifate, or communist plans for a World Revolution. Perhaps, these utopian projects served as preludes to the final form of mondialism, trials which tested integrational mechanisms, effectiveness of command structures, ideological priorities, methods in tactics, etc. Taking this aside, contemporary mondialism, absorbing the experience of protestantism, eschatological heresies, communist revolutions, and geopolitical cataclysms of distant centuries, has sharpened its final formulations, finally determining what was pragmatic and incidental in previous forms, and what really composed the base tendency of history on the road to New World Order. After an entire sequence of vacillations, ambiguities, pragmatic steps and tactical black-outs, contemporary mondialism has finally formulated its fundamental principles regarding the pressing situation. These principles can be assigned to four levels:

This is exactly the picture emerging from an analysis of latest revelations by ideologists of the Tripartite Commission, Bildenburg Club, the American Council on Foreign Relations, and other authors, intellectually servicing international mondialism on very different levels - beginning with "neo- spiritualism" and ending with concrete economical and structural designs of pragmatic technocrats. Careful study of these four levels of the ideology of the World Government is a concern of many serious research projects and works, a part of which, we hope, will appear on the pages of following volumes of "Elements." But we would like to focus on several aspects right now. Firstly, it is important to note that this ideology cannot be qualified as being either "right" or "left." More than that, within it exists an essential and conscious superposition of two layers, relating to polar political realities. The New World Order is radically and rigidly "rightist" on the economic level, as it assumes absolute primacy of private property, completely free markets, and triumph of individualistic appetites in the economic sphere. Simultaneously, the New World Order is radically and rigidly "leftist" on the cultural-political front, since the ideology of cosmopolitism, intermixing, ethical liberalism traditionally belongs in the category of "leftist" political priorities. This combination of the economic "right" with the ideological "left" serves as the conceptual axis of contemporary mondialist strategy, a basis for the design of the coming civilization. This ambiguity is manifested even in the very term "liberalism," which, on the economical level stands for "absolutely free markets," but on the ideological level calls for a "mild ideology of permissiveness." Today, we can justifiably assert that the World Government will base its dictatorship not on some typical model of "totalitarian tyranny," but on principles of "liberalism." Revealingly, it is in this very case that the terrible eschatological parody called New World Order, will be perfected and completed.

Secondly, the West, standing at the head of geopolitical theories of the New World Order as the hemisphere where the Sun, Sun of History, sets, takes on the role of both a strategic and a cultural model. In the course of the last stage of realization of mondialist projects, natural symbolism must completely concur with geopolitical symbolism, and the complexity of preceding geopolitical bloc construction, manoeuvres, ans political alliances, which mondialists used earlier to reach their goals, now gives way to a crystal clear geopolitical logic, which even a simpleton is able to comprehend. Thirdly, Moshiah, whose coming the far-flung mondialist institutions are supposed to facilitate, is, from the point of view of such diverse religious tendencies as Orthodox Christianity and Islam, clearly and without any doubt associated with the sinister figure of Antichrist. As follows from the very logic of apocalyptic drama, in the course of the last struggle, the clash will occur not between the Sacred and the profane, nor between Religion and atheism, but between Religion and pseudo-religion. That is why Moshiah of the World Government is not simply a "cultural project," new "social myth," or "grotesque utopia," but is something much more serious, real, terrible. It is completely obvious that opponents of mondialism and enemies of the New World Order (staff members of "Elements" count themselves among these) must take on a radically negative position in respect to this ideology. This means that it is necessary to counter the World Government and its plans with an alternative ideology, formulated by negating the doctrine of the New World Order.

The ideology radically opposed to mondialism can also be described on four levels.

Anti-mondialist ideological warfare front must also combine in itself elements of "leftist" and "rightist" ideologies, but we must be "rightist" in political terms (in other words, "nationalists," "traditionalists," etc.) and "leftist" in the economical sphere (in other words, supporters of social justice, "socialism," etc.) In fact, this very combination is not just a conventional and arbitrary political program, but a necessary condition in this stage of the struggle. Geopolitical priority of the East makes it incumbent upon us to completely renounce different "anti-asian" biases, at times held by the Russian Right under the influence of a bad and completely untimely example of the European Right. "Anti-asianism" plays only into the hands of the New World Order. And, finally, allegiance to the Church, the teachings of Holy Fathers, Orthodox Christianity is a necessary and most important element of anti- mondialist struggle, since the substance and meaning of this struggle is in choosing True God, the "right side," the "blessed part." And noone will be able to save us from false charm, sin, temptation, death on this terrible journey, except for the Son of God. We must become His host, His army, His servants, and His missionaries. World Government is the last rebellion of the nether world against the Divine. Short will be the instant of their triumph. Eternal will be the joy of those who will join the ranks of "last fighters for Truth and Freedom in God."

The True Judge will "come unexpectedly."


Translated by Victor Olevich

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