Alexander DUGIN

5 Theses
on the meaning of life

It's about time to call things by their own names, without paying attention to stylistical correctness and academic overtones. It becomes clear that, in any case, nobody will understand or receive us. Therefore there's no real reason to give the discourse a higher stylistical overtone. We don't play chess at the end of Kali-Yuga. Everyone should make it clear to his/herself, what we want, and what we want from you personally. The question is about the meaning of life. A typical question. During times of passage we have to face it without any laughter or beating around the bush. Our goal has several levels.

1. First level. One must understand the course of history.

Without this, several things are left unclear: the context we find ourselves in, the language we speak, the surroundings we are dealing with. Who does not understand the course of history and its models is as useless as a crow on the edge of a field. He is liable to outer forces, and his intellectual capabilities are minimal. Every single idiot should have at least some idea of the course of history. Once people didn't dare to appear in public without some certain ideas concerning the course of history. Today the very question might seem a bit too abstract for professional philosophers, historians, and presidents. Grease and television have become the brain protheses of the nation. Someone's talking about something - possibly joking, or telling a story about how he just got out of prison. The spirit of our time is against us standing for the understanding of history. Could this be just a coincidence?

2. Second level. One has to take part in the course of history.

But only after understanding it at least approximately. Otherwise we find ourselves in a situation parallel to having unknown forces drilling our teeth. Once we have obtained some kind of a model of the course of history, taking part in it becomes more qualified. Now the process of existence obtains revolting overtones. The first differentiations take place. The first existential and gnosseological experiences take place. Something and someone will stand against your strivings, something and someone will support you. Life gets a new meaning, vectorial concreteness. Taking part doesn't have to be sizeable. Sometimes little things are enough, everyday activities. For an example, you remember that you are living the end of history. As a result, you drink your coffee or take a walk in the park or beat up someone - but it's not that simple, since you are acting as a being working for the end of history. Your every move, your every condition, your every emotion gains new dimensions. Of course, you will hardly keep it on the everyday level, without trying to socialize your own experience. For this reason you are being carried to the third level, whetether you want it or not.

3. Third level. One has to change the course of history.

This is the logical consequence of the second level. If your part in the course of history does not show in its changes, be it even the smallest minor changes, your part is fictitious. This is clear. By trying to change even the smallest particles within the course of history you are testing the state of your own historical being. It's a dangerous path, and it holds many traps and pits. Here you will have to learn to distinguish between various spirits. First the laughing demon of vanity, your evil twin, comes out. He tries to persuade you to the funnel of dark whirling, and this will seem to you as if you were maturing and leaving traces in a great mass of time, but in fact your ears are circled by your own macaroni axis. Pseudodandism fricasse. Take your macaroni axis and go impress females in some museum. Actual change in the course of history - even one degree - is an Achievement. This is very, very much. In case you have gone through the first two levels, that is. In the contrary case, all this is but hallucinations of a grey stump.

4. Fourth level. One has to turn the course of history 180 degrees.

An unanticipated move. Sshhhhh, be quiet, here we start to unveil the essence of our secret thoughts. This is the highest level of changing the course of history. If you turn the course of history completely, you are equal with the history itself, you are its doppelgnger - man-time. This means you are inside, not outside. And the cycle of events is circling you. But only heroes and saints are capable of doing this. But who said that two-legged pigs are tolerated by onthology? Whoever carries the human form should either be human or be punished. But there is no reason to lead either oneself or others astray. Our form does not exist outside transgression. Our very essence is that we lack the final definition, the final base ground. We can never say with full responsibility "Human - that's something!" There is always a place for a debator, and for a convincing, clear debator. As for not something... We're losing ground... Someone is destroyed, someone finally learns how to bathe in the fiery regions. Taking the lost seed back into oneself, sticking the uttered word back into one's throat. When you are told that something is IN, something is the talk of the day, and, finally, "something is here and now" - reply with evil laughter, blinking eyes, hissing and dancing in circles. Nothing's like that, nothing is, nothing's contemporary. Prove it, once you have acheived everything, and throw it in the sewer. Topmodels are the onthological victims of metaphysical snipers. In hell, dead Naomi Campbell plays a braindrum made of the bones of Yakubovich. The new National-Bolshevik "Field of Miracles". Vlad, he was alive a minute ago... We shall never forget you... What do you mean, "never forget"? We must make reasonable decisions with this. Time - backward!

5. Fifth level. The last one. One must stop the course of history.

This one is understood (oh, c'mon...). If we are capable of turning the course of history 180 degrees, we find ourselves in a world where everything is not like yesterday, not like today, nor tomorrow. Will there be any history after it has turned its course back? Could we call it Jordan, where Our Saviour stepped, the river that stopped flowing out of sheer terror? Or the parted waters of the Red Sea, where Moses walked, "by the sea"? Could we be called "a party"? A subtle difference remains all the same. Going back or even without a course... Seems like a distant horizon, but it's not an empty discussion. We will have to solve this important problem within this body. The body will, of course, be somewhat different, a bit more sugary, but a body nevertheless. Backwards or nowhere at all? To start again or to stay the same? To be as clear as possible, we'll answer sincerely: We will have to stop it, although some mights of this world may not agree with it. A complex, unbearable drama in a static position, the unmovable dynamic of a colossal problem.

But we will have to stop...

Translated by Henry Zalkin

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