Updated 20 August 1998

A. Dughin

Star of an Invisible Empire

(on Jean Parvulesco)

1. Profession - visionary

Jean Parvulesco - is a living mystery of European literature. Mysticist, poet, novelist, literary critic, connoisseur of political intrigue, revolutionary, friend and confidant of many European celebrities of the latter half of the twentieth century (from Ezra Pound and Julius Evola to Raymond Abellio and Arno Breker). His true personality remains a mystery. A Romanian who fled to the West in the 1940s, he bacame one of the most brilliant French stylists in contemporary prose and poetry. But no matter how different were his works, from tantric stanzas and complex occult novels to biographies of eminent friends (in particular Red Sun of Raymond Abellio), his real calling was - visionary, direct and inspired contemplator of spiritual spheres, opened to the chosen behind the sullen and trivial appearance of contemporary profane world.

Jean Parvulesco sees in himself not a literary figure, but the herald of this Invisible Empire (his last book is called Star of an Invisible Empire), speaker of the occult Parliament, consisting of the planetary elite of the awakened. His personality doubles, triples, quadruples in characters of his novels, among which the author himself has a place, along with his doubles, occult duplicates, and real historical personalities, other-worldly shades, shells of external twilight, nominal demons, secret agents of occult special services. Parvulesco opens an entire parallel world, not just stage decoration of individual fantasies or reminiscences. His texts are populated with frightening reality: his strange (often quite black) humor at times touches on the holy relics of religions, dogmas and canons, awakening their inner, mysterious essence, ridden of spiritually devastating fetishist reverence. Following tantric presciptions, Parvulesco vivifies the language, makes it operative. That is why his texts are something more than literature. It is the magical spells and scandalous denunciations; it is the provocation of events and foretelling of their meaning; it is submergence into the Ocean of the Interior, subterranean tunnels of the Hidden, into the frightening empire of that, which exists in each one of us. That is exactly why Parvulesco can be as terrifying as any true genius: he intently and scientificaly studies us from the inside, at times getting over the known brink. The visionary anatomist.

2. In the beginning was Conspiracy

Secret agents of Being and Nonexistence appear in all key spheres of control of the modern world, directing all processes of civilization. It is from the superimposition of one on the other of energy vectors of two occult nets, that the fabric of actual, concrete history results. Generals and terrorists, spies and poets, presidents and occultists, Church Fathers and heretics, mafiamen and ascetics, freemasons and naturalists, prositutes and holy saints, salon artists and activists of the workers movement, archaeologists and counterfeiters - all of them are only obedient actors of a saturated conspirological drama, and who knows, which social identification shelters a higher Initiate? Often, a gangster or a beggar turns out to be the curator of a President or the Pope, and a military leader or a banker act as puppets of a salon poet, behind whose grotesque and fantastic personality one finds a cold guru and architect of brute political history.

3. Against Demons and Democracy

Servants of Aquarius, opening the way into the human world to black shells of contemporary twilight, are trying to present their unnatural advent as a blessing, as salvation, as the limit of evolution, hiding their true nature, Vomitto Negro (Black Vomit), under the political and spiritualistic catchword New Age and New World Order.

On the political level of the conspiracy, the heros of the novel also act aggressively and decisively. Spiritual resistance to the New Age, neospiritualism, for the representatives of which (from Alice Bailey to de Charden and Sai Baba) Tony dAntremont offers to establish an occult super-Auschwitz, super-Maidanek, projects on political resistance to the New World Order, americanism, and liberalism, which forces the agents of Being to weave webs of planetary conspiracy with participation of all political forces opposing mondialism. Palestinian terrorists, underground groups of European neonazis, social-revolutionaries and members of the Red Brigades, descendants of aristocratic families loathing democracy, secretly wishing for an end of the liberal epoch, members of the Italian mafia, Gaullists and admirers of Franco, revolutionaries of the Third World, shamans of America and Asia, communist leaders, German bankers - all of them become participants in the geopolitical project, directed towards the recreation of the final Eurasian Empire. Diplomatic intrigues, foreign trips, confidential talks and collection of information compose the political aspect of the conspiracy of agents of Being and a special subject thread of the novel, superimposed on occult conversations and long esoteric monologues of the characters.

It is significant that it ends on a half-word on page 533. The entire preceding plot sees the reader close in on the eschatological outcome of the occult war, but... Here the literary world ends, and actual reality sets in. The majority of characters in the novel are historical figures, some of whom have died, others still alive. Books and texts quoted in the tale do really exist. Many episodes and retold legends are also not made up (although quite a few are fictional). Significant detail: the majority of mentioned names are furnished with dates of birth and death. After reading Star of an Invisible Empire, a question naturally arises: what have we just read? A novel? Fiction? Fantasy? Surreal literature? Or, perhaps, an esoteric tract?

Jean Parvulesco himself in a dedication adorning a copy given to me as a gift, describes his novel: most secret and dangerous initiational novel, where Absolute Love gives its final weapon to Absolute Power and lays the occult basis for a future great Eurasian Empire of the End, which will signify Heavenly Kingdom, Regnum Sanctum. No more, no less.

4. Shiva, the red-brown

Yes, this element is frightening and devastating in its external manifestation. But it is exactly the terrible, red-brown Shiva that serves as the protector of the mystery of Eternity, opening in its completeness at the moment of the End of Time, negating with its terrible appearance the beginning of the era of Aquarius. Red-brown Shiva - is the guardian of tradition of sacral Love, Tantra. That Tantra, to which Jean Parvulesco devoted one of his first books, The Merciful Crown of Tantra.

Translated by Victor Olevich