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Constituent Congress of the All-Russian Socio-Political Movement

Constituent Congress of the All-Russian Socio-Political Movement  

Moscow, April 21 2001

Constituent Congress of the All-Russian Socio-Political Movement EURASIA

 Communiquй from the web-site of Arktogaia

On April 21, 2001 in Moscow the constituent congress of the All-Russian Political Social Movement "EURASIA" was held. It was attended by delegates from fifty-one regions of the Russian Federation. 

As leader (Chairman of the Political Council) of the Movement was elected  Aleksandr Gelevic Dugin.
Vice-president of the Political Council : Petr Evgenevic Suslov

Have entered the direction of the Movement :
Supreme mufti of Russia, leader of the Central Spiritual Direction of Muslims, 
Sheyk-ul-islam Talgat Tadzhuddin
Chairman of the Department of theological education and catechesis of the Russian Orthodox Church, rector of the Russian Orthodox University sv.Ioann Bogoslov, igumen Ioann (Ekonomtsev);
Did-Hambalama, prior of the Aginsky Datsan, Andrey Lupsandashievic Dondukbayev
Chassidic rabbi, leader of the socio-political movement "Bead Artzein" ("For the Homeland"), historian, publicist and public figure, Avrom Shmulevic

The movement is created on the basis of the eurasist ideology and inter-confessional harmony in support of the reforms of the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirevic Putin, and is built on democratic foundations; 
anyone can be member of the Movement who wishes to share the principles of eurasism, patriotism, social justice, and to support the purposes and the tasks of the Movement.



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