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Статьи Конспирология Кроули Элементы Геополитика Наш путь Finis Mundi Стихи


Alexander Dugin


1. Illustration of the Chaos Theory

Modern scholars often use the image of clouds to provide visual explanation of the theory of chaos. The cycle of clouds' existence is a typical chaotic system. On the one hand, their general trajectory and structure conform to certain logic, their consistence, direction and density can be figured out and pre-determined. However, their behaviour at a more specific level is hard to predict; the figures they form are absolutely arbitrary and their configurations are spontaneous. Both the theory of probability and statistical regularities fade into the background here. Clouds go beyond strict techniques of traditional analysis, gravitate towards spontaneous uncertainty, free and constant changing of objects and patterns.

For those contemplating from the Earth, clouds perform a vital function they teach us the liveliness and flexibility of perception, make us listen to the strange vocabulary of delicate metamorphoses, bring out the deep-laden movements of our inner lives...Clouds do not form part of the system of order. They are partially withdrawn from it and "hung out". At the same time, it would be a mistake to insist that they are absolutely beyond logic on the contrary, they are logical in their own way. It is a frail logic of chaos, an odd inconsistent rhythm of sophisticated processes.

The resemblance of the free stream of consciousness to the movement of these high, heavy, ethereal celestial masses is striking.

2. Symbolism of Ties

The symbolism of clouds played a significant role in Tradition. They stood for the vestments of heaven, and heaven was the image of spirit. It is significant that on Doomsday the Lord "is coming upon the clouds". In painted icons the depiction of clouds symbolizes transcendent divine worlds. However, the symbolism of heaven differs from the symbolism of clouds. Heaven is permanent, always on top. While clouds the visible incarnation of "surface waters" may thicken to such an extent that they gape with a life-giving downpour, unable to hold the water mass any longer. The far-away and passionless world of eternal azure comes into contact with the living land of human beings through the sacrament of rain, the mystery of clouds.

Hence the ancient worships relating to rain, the rain-evoking ceremonies. According to the Bible Elijah Thesvitan was the prophet empowered to "enclose heaven" and, consequently, capable of evoking rain. Later on he was taken alive up to heaven and never saw death. Naturally, the sacral consciousness perceived rain as a fragment of eternal afflatus granted to mankind by the Lord, rather than a utilitarian natural phenomenon vital to the crop. In religious symbolism a cloud is a mediator between the earth and heaven. It allows us to tie together these two levels of existence that have so little in common.

3. Cloud Body

There is a phase in man's spiritual realisation when the "cloud" theme becomes midpoint. The period of dogmatic conceptual training when speculative realities are structured under the influence of special logic is followed by the phase that involves testing in practice whether the theory has been mastered well enough. At this moment man faces the challenge of creating a "cloud body". The intent of this phase is to release a certain delicate ethereal substance the embryo of a "new ego" from the material and rational units constituting everyday human life. It is an imperceptible, hard-to-grasp transparent membrane that cannot be calculated in any unit whatsoever and reminds you of strange and disturbing celestial clots. Initially the inner cloud retains both the mental and physical forms of the human being, flaking away gradually, carefully detaching the joints and the knots which are closely tied. Obedient and tender to the human form, accepting and acknowledging it, it nevertheless strives hard for independence. Using the old-style vocabulary, the "cloud body" might be called the "soul", but this word means next-to-nothing nowadays.

The first signs of its stirring inside may appear in "mere mortals". An odd combination of casual sounds or pictures... An interlocutor's inflexion reminding you all of a sudden of something strong but hard-to-grasp... An avalanche of inner warmth spreading over your body without any apparent cause... A vague but unconquerable inclination...A paralyzing spell of a common object from which you cannot take your eyes... A senseless but masterful impulse to get off at a station that is not yours... This is the whisper of the "cloud body", the breath of the "subtle chill". But if there be no complex spiritual programme, no long and hard preparatory way, this breath of the "new ego" will be nothing but an unused opportunity, a shimmering fiction, a kiss from the outside... Any brute attempt to master this reality immediately, to force it into the primitive limits of addiction to drugs or spirits, is fatal. The knots and joints stiffen, and the rational corporeal system starts to decompose unpleasantly. Such induced cripples and volunteer freaks inhabit the visual limbo of the contemporary socium but neither their self-mesmerism nor collective guarantee will save one from the ontological expertise the results of which are predictable in advance.

The path of the "cloud body" awakening is an extremely aristocratic science. It cannot tolerate the engineers' rusty vulgarity, the intellectuals' wide mouths, the planetary outskirts' sloppy zeal, the neophytes' icteric pupils. You should masterfully use your time much time. By repeating the same gesture, considering the same idea, reading the same phrase methodically and carefully you will learn to discern those rare instants of awakening of a very soft inner stir of that which lives through you.

The cloud body. The paramount concept of the useless and amusing science dealing with soul-building. The laws of chaos outlined in the hermetic doctrines describe the general trajectory "our mission is to turn the spirit into body, and the body into spirit", but the secrets of proportion are not given away. The mystery of the inner cloud, the direction vector selected spontaneously, the unpredictable form of the winged mass arising from the pale-skinned worm almost two metres long...

4. The Blackness of the High Gold

The Cloud of the Last Judgement will be crimson, brun-rouge, one might say. And the floods that rush down on the Earth will be the same color.

Today there can be no spiritual realization free from eskhatologic problems, just like there can be no eskhatologic prolems without their total projection onto all social, existential and ideological strata. Spiritual realization may not be separated from politics, and politics will inevitably go beyond the limits of metaphysical obscurantism.

Forcing out the unfettered delicate substance of the new (real) ego we build a single Cloud of Wrath. Let the soul like a vampire drain to the dregs the juices of the body, let it swell as if before a thunderstorm, a tornado, a tempest with the mildewed blood of both a foreigner and that of its own body.

Initially clouds are white and crimson later on. And the red boiling up like a golden child will pounce upon the black. And the black will cease to exist for good. In other words, the blackness of the high gold will dust everything.

Up just to go down.

Down just to go up.

Translation: New Resistance
Proof-reading: Troy Southgate